About Me

Hello, my name is Barbara Lau. I am a psychotherapist and a specialist for vegetotherapy. From since I can remember, my interest for the human mind and behaviour was enormous. Not only I wanted to learn more about it, I also wanted to help. Psychotherapy is breaking its way through, but there is much more that has to be done. Many people underestimate the importance of mental well being, they don’t treat it as an issue. The emphasis is on physical health, which leads to depression and anxiety. I am doing my best to change that, and to bring the awareness of how fatal our mind can be.

Nowadays, we have to look our best and be our best, but nobody is asking how we are feeling. It is expected to have problems, but nobody treats them. I want to highlight that not only outside matters, inside does too. In order to feel happy and satisfied, we have to be one with our mind. Having a heart problem is a serious thing, and I am not trying to disagree with it. What I wish for people, is to recognize mental disorder as well. Don’t turn your head on the obvious signs of suffering. Professionals like me are there to help, we want to help. Our job is to listen and find the source of the problem. Take care of your body, but take care of your mind equally. Let me help you with my years of experience. You can win this battle!