How My Life Changed After Quitting Smoking

As many others, I also thought that my life will be boring without the cigars. How am I going to drink my coffee and relieve all that stress without it? It was a horrifying thought, to be honest. I was so used to having cigars in my life, that I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Still, there were things that bothered me about smoking. I wasn’t completely satisfied even when I was a smoker. I listed all of the cons and focused on them. What kept me going was rereading that list every single day. Even in the beginning, I started noticing some changes. After I finally quit, I felt like a new person. It truly felt like a started a new chapter in my life, a healthier one.

No More Smoke

Besides me, my friends also agree on how quitting smoking changed my life.  I was never too keen on smoke and its smell. What made it even worse, were the comments from my non-smoker friends. They would say things like:”That perfume smells so nice, but the smoke is overpowering it.”, “Don’t you hate when the smoke gets in the curtains?” Yes, I did hate it, but somehow, you get used to it. Now, my apartment, as well as my clothing, smells great. I feel cleaner, and my friends love it too.

Active Life

From time to time, I would try running or exercising, but it was hard. I would easily get tired and ran out of breath. Since I quit smoking, I tried exercising again, and the difference was big. Nowadays, I run almost every morning. Workouts were a great alternative when I was feeling stressed out, and later, it became a habit. If I want to relax, I walk or enjoy a nice cup of tea on the terrace. It soothes me much faster than a cigar ever did. After I take a moment to think, my mood goes up.

Peaceful Mind

Not only I feel better psychically, but also mentally. Before making a decision, I think about it and analyze everything. Even if that decision making can be stressful, I don’t get overwhelmed. Somehow, I feel more at peace. I enjoy the moment and think about other things. In the past, I would grab my pack of cigars and light one after another. I thought that was exactly what I needed, in order to feel calm. Even the people around me noticed that changed. They say I am more cheerful, than I was ever before.

More Time

Quitting SmokingIt sounds funny, but if you are a smoker, you think about smoking a lot. When the craving emerges, you can’t think about anything else. It was the same with me. I spent a lot of time planning my next cigar, and I couldn’t concentrate if I haven’t smoked for a while. Many don’t even realize how much time they waste by doing so. When I’m talking to my friends now, I am more into what they are saying. I completely concentrate on other people as well as on myself. It is as if a part of me is gone, a part that took a lot of my time. I can never get that time back, but I can try to live in every moment. That is exactly what I am doing – I try to take as much as possible from any situation.

If you think you are not strong enough to succeed, read this again. Don’t these changes affect you? They can happen to you too, but you need to try, and see for yourself. I can’t lie and say it was easy, it definitely wasn’t. What I can say is it was worth it, and I would do it again if I had to. There is no way I would go back! I cherish the life I am living now.