How to Stop Making Wrong Assumptions

This is something that everyone does. Even the ones who are not aware of it, but they do it too. It is, somehow, natural. For example, our upbringing can play a big role. What we saw as children, or what we were taught, stays with us. We do many things unconsciously, we don’t even realize it. If you were used to a certain way of life, you will probably assume that everybody lives like that, it is normal.

Why Is It Bad

We make assumptions, so what? Many people would react this way, thinking it has no importance in our life. That is where they are wrong, it definitely affects our life on a daily basis. Avoid that by finding out how to stop making assumptions. They can be the cause of a bad relationship. Why would doing that hurt your partner, friends or family? The reason is simple. When we assume everything, we become incapable to relate. We think we know how others feel or what they are thinking. What comes after, is not listening. If you know everything, why would you listen, or even communicate? That leads to misunderstanding and a lack of communication. Your loved ones will feel that you don’t care for them and that you don’t understand them. Also, it affects your way of thinking and creativity. You won’t be able to go ahead and make a progress.

How to Fix It

AssumptionsIf you realized how bad it is and you are willing to change it, good for you. Making assumptions is curable. There are ways of fixing it. First of all, you have to know when you are doing it. You have to recognize your assumption making. When you do, write it down, have a reminder. Don’t overlook the small assumption, every single one is important. They all can be damaging. You may think a small one, like:”My husband doesn’t love me as much” is not as important, since you assume it from time to time when things aren’t as perfect. That is not true, write it down too. Next step is to ask yourself questions. If you are assuming something, you have to have a reason. We will list you some of the questions that can help you.


As previously mentioned, we have many assumptions based on our life and the way we wore brought up. So, ask yourself is that really your own opinion or something you heard from somebody else. Did they teach you that, and you never question it? If so, now is the time to question it. Besides that, questions like:”Do I have any facts that prove my thought is true?”, “Do I have any facts that prove my thought is not true?” can clear it up. Don’t just assume it, have proofs that you are right. If you don’t have any proofs for it, then why just bluntly assume it? It makes no sense, and you will see it too. Stop wasting your time, use it for something better.