What Is the Best E Cigarette to Stop Smoking

There is no doubt that quitting smoking is such a hard thing to do. It can be a long process. Some people turn to patches, some to pills, and there are those who can’t do it no matter what they try. Somehow, they always go back to their bad habit. Truth to be told, there is no guarantee that anything will work from the start. Your willpower is the most important, it plays the biggest role. When you combine that with a helpful tool, you are almost there. You only have to find what works the best for you, and there is something that worked for many. Gums and patches are a fine alternative, but there is a better one. E-cigarettes are the best choice, and many can confirm that.

Too Many Options

If you want to start with the transition, you have to find out what’s the best cigarette. They are becoming more and more popular since they are giving a great result. There is a downside to it, though. Since they work like a charm, the market is full of them. If you look them up, you will find a lot of options, and that can be overwhelming. How to know which one is the best? Well, by spending hours and hours on reading and searching. Nobody has time for that. Luckily, we did the research for you. There are many good ones, so it wasn’t easy to choose. In the end, we managed to make a list of the best. If you are interested on what we based our choice, and what’s the best cigarette to stop smoking, continue with the reading. These are our recommendations.

V2 Standard Kit

This one is made for the smokers who want to quit, but want to have a feel of a real cigarette. It looks like a traditional cigarette, which makes the switch much easier. If you like a bigger selection of the flavors, you will love it. Not only there us a variety of flavours, but nicotine levels too. The batteries are also included in the kith. You can get around 200 puffs per one charge. One more thing, it has refillable tanks. Usually, the beginners love that addition.

Blu Disposables

When it comes to disposable cigarettes, these one is always ranked high. Why? Because of its useable life and vapor production. It may cost a little more than others, but that is for a reason. The cheaper ones have some kind of issue, and you won’t be completely satisfied with them. They can have poor battery life or a bad flavor. So, give more and get more. Blu E-cig has five different flavors while others usually have two. Besides regular and menthol flavor, it also has cherry, vanilla and glacier mint.

ePuffer Magnum

You don’t have to think about charging when you have this cigar. It comes with a charging pack that is shaped like a box, which makes it great for travelling. They designed it to be user-friendly, so it doesn’t have screws, it uses magnets instead. Go to work, visit a friend, and have a charged cigarette at any time.

VaporFi Express

VaporFi ExpressIf you didn’t have any experience with E-cigarettes, start with this one. It is the best choice for the beginners, and it has everything you need. VaporFi wants to help smokers who are transitioning, so they found a way to make the switch easier. They know how tough it is, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. That is not all. You get a charger, adapter, 2 devices, 3 mini tanks and a 30 ml bottle of juice bland that you can customize on your own.

Halo G6 E-Cigarette

To be honest, it is not the cheapest cigarette out there. However, it offers quite enough for its price. You will love its design, which is futuristic and truly gorgeous. There are color choices too. You can pick from pink, black, green, demon red, blue and more. Not only it looks beautiful, it is user-friendly with a pleasant taste. The battery is long-lasting as well as the cartridges. You can use it for almost a month before ordering new cartridges. Even the cartridges have more flavors. Are you a fan of mint or cocoa?

Halo Triton Tank System

This is another great product from Halo. It also looks stylish like the previous one. Halo really knows how to make an attractive design. You can use it with ease. Plus, life battery is great. Tobacco e-juices are more than delicious. You can choose from a variety of colors even with this one. The battery is included. Besides that, you will also get two tanks, a wall charger, a USB adapter and a beautiful carrying case. That is plenty of stuff.

Halo Triton Tank SystemThat is our list. Pick one that suits you the most. They are all good and have great features. Some are pricey, but there are more affordable ones. See what works for you the best and try it out. We tried to make your choice easier and safer with these recommendations. Have fun with interesting and modern designs. Enjoy different flavors and change them as you wish. Take the next step, and get closer to quitting. Transitioning to e-cigarette will make the process more pleasant. This is a great opportunity to make some changes for the better. Wait no longer and purchase your new non-traditional and healthier cigarette. We are sure you will be satisfied with it.